Fantasy Man Monday

Presidents Day and many of you are having a well deserved three day weekend. I however am chained to the desk of my day job wishing I was outside in the sunshine.


Is it less than tasteful to consider sensuality factor in the leader of the free world? Certainly there are points for charisma. Wiser minds than mine will have to ponder that philosophical line.

I failed to be inspired by any president living or dead for hotness factor in consideration of today’s traditional theme. I turned to actors who have portrayed President.

Bill Pullman in ‘Independence Day’ is probably on my top five list. Husky voice and can jump in a plane to shoot em up with the invading hoard.

And a close contender for sexy make believe president has to be actor, Harrison Ford. The exciting action adventure movie, ‘Air Force One’. He was kick ass bad in that role and the line “Get Off My Plane! Great dialogue. What else was there to say!

What would be my pick for president. Hummm Yes it would have to be some post apocalyptic zombie thing? The president could make an impassioned speech and then grab a semi-automatic monster sized gun and blaze a trail through the zombies.

Maybe? Shemar Moore would make the list.

Who would be your pick for the part?

2 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. What movie had the hot Shemar Moore as president?

    • Well, Hollywood hasn’t seen the vision of my version of presidential casting. There isn’t a movie starting Shemar Moore as president. But in the line from “Somewhere over the rainbow….” “What a wonderful world it would be.”