Fantasy Man Monday

Today I will be driving back from the Mountains. It will take most of the day, so I share this vision of the modern Fantasy Man with you.

Today’s pleasure is Christian Bale.

I took the opportunity while I was away to try out a new Marilyn Monroe look with my hair. I began browsing through old profile pictures of myself. I realized that I have a great range of different looks. So does today’s Fantasy Man. How do you like Christian Bale? The corporate wise guy look above????

or… Perhaps a more rugged look. Do you go for facial hair on your fantasy man?

Are you a woman who likes a man with shorter hair or do perhaps you favor longer hair to run your fingers through.

Or hey. Maybe you like the post apocalyptic look?

Happy fantasizing readers.

One response to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. I thought the first picture was David Duchovny. Heh.

    I like the corporate look, but with the top button unbuttoned and the tie loosened just a little. *sigh*