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“Fill Your Heart Holiday Celebration” Save the Date


I will be taking part in the Rebel Ink Press “Fill Your Heart Holiday Celebration” being hosted around the blogosphere December 2 – 19, 2013

http://www.rebelinkpress.com/RebelReasoning/Come on over and visit during the celebration.

Prizes and fun

Bob Mayer Workshop hosted by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers of America Chapter Raleigh, NC

I had a great experience this weekend of attending a workshop hosted by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Chapter in Raleigh, NC named Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. RWA and its affiliate chapters around the country offer the most excellent professional association for writers out there. Including extensive professional development opportunities to learn the craft and magic of writing.

I attend these things to learn, to be reminded of what I’ve learned and to network with new friends. I was thrilled to meet three of my fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors: Donna Steele, and Nancy LaPonzina and some other aspiring and successful authors in the group. (waves frantically Hi-ya guys)

The workshop organized by the group was by Bob Mayer. He is a West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and Best Selling New York Times Author. Owner of Cool Gus Publishing. Author of … I don’t know…. six frickin’ pages on Amazon of NYT best sellers.

It was a treat to say the least. I had been trying to get a chance to attend a workshop and meet Bob Mayer as my writing friends had been raving over his presentations for well, longer than I care to admit, as the years roll by. My old home group First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW) finally hosted his workshop last year but timing was off for me and I couldn’t attend from Chattanooga, TN.

Anyway if you have the opportunity, don’t wait. Go Go Go. Don’t make me drag you.

The morning was a much needed review of his principles in The Novel Writer’s Took Kit, From Idea to Best Seller.

Number one topic was Goal Motivation and Conflict. A similar song to Debra Dixon’s G,M,C. Okay sometimes a door is just a door. But I need to chant the Goal, Motivation, Conflict mantra in my sleep. Don’t laugh, you do too, I’m sure.

Then we spent time talking about what we can learn from screen plays, TV and Movies that will help us grasp the big picture view of the stories we write and take them to the next level. I was reminded of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Screen Writing Tricks for Authors. Yeah I ran into that door again, Screen Writing Tricks with Alexandra…another workshop hosted by FCRW. And another great reminder of constructing a story your readers won’t be able to put down. I’d been deconstructing several shows and movies lately for the same reason. To emulate great story showing.

An afternoon of marketing discussion reconfirmed what we all know… What the hell do we know? Just write another good story. That’s the best way to market your other stories. And perhaps doing so will help you stand on a figurative hill and hope to be struck by lightening.

Speaking of which. I’m off to write #AMWRITING

Check out my books on the book tab of this website or any of the cover hot links in the side bar. Happy Reading.

Visiting the Indy Book Fairy Today

I met the ladies at the Indy Book Fairy. They are very gracious people. Take a look at my promo interview and book review for Phoenix Reborn.



Birthday Bash welcomes Jane Wakely

I am celebrating my birthday this week by inviting fellow Rebel Ink Press authors to party with me. Today my guest is Jane Wakely.


Jane has been creating stories of love and romance for as long as she can remember. She’s a sucker for a happy ending and thinks the best thing about any movie or book is when the characters find someone to love.

Jane’s stories reflect her interest in all romance genres, and all levels of spice, but paranormal romance is her true passion. She loves creating worlds around sexy shifters and vamps—even if the shifter is a smelly skunk!

Jane writes sensual romance that will warm your heart, and a happy ever after is guaranteed!

Jane Wakely (2x2)


Author Links:

Website: www.janewakely.com

Blog: www.janewakely.blogspot.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JaneWakelyRomanceAuthor

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JaneWakely

Welcome Jane, what is your favorite way to celebrate a happy personal event?

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday or other happy event is by going out to lunch with TG and Hubby! I don’t really like going out to dinner—I especially dislike long waits and crowds—but lunch with my family is always nice (even when there’s nothing special to celebrate!) 🙂

What did you bring to share with us today?

Candi’s Buck

Candi's Buck Cover 


Candi Smith spends her days working her dream job as head chef in her brother’s new restaurant. The café’s early operating hours allow her a daily walk in the forest and time to visit her special place, the alcove. When a buck starts to visit the alcove as well, she learns there’s one thing better than being alone in the forest. Candi’s feelings for the buck are confusing but they become more unusual when she meets Aiden.

Aiden Montgomery is a zoology professor and a deer shifter. His job is rewarding, but a run through the forest in his buck form is the perfect way to end to his day. Forty is fast approaching and his age, combined with his scarred leg, are reminders he isn’t worthy of a mate. He keeps the loneliness at bay by drowning in projects for work, seemingly content with his life. When he sees Candi for the first time, and recognizes her as his mate, her youth and perfection persuade him he doesn’t deserve her.

Aiden is driven to spend small amounts of time with Candi, convinced his intense feelings will be easier to control if he gets her out of his system. The plan backfires and leaves the pair unhappy, despite the love they share. He knows they can’t be together, but Aiden feels he owes Candi the truth about their connection. Candi’s not as naïve as she seems and she has her own plans for her buck.

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/18ogF0w

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/184m690

All Romance Ebooks: http://bit.ly/1aNxXMv

BookStrand: http://bit.ly/1505GKK




It’s my Birthday Eden Glenn

It is my birthday. I’m thankful to celebrate my second Twenty-eighth birthday! Whoo.

I share a birthday with the great, late, Jim Henson.

I am libra born in the year of the Chinese Rooster. Which was in the ancient of times a Phoenix.

So, for my birthday, pop on over and give a few likes for my newest release “Phoenix Reborn”



ALL ROMANCE EBOOKSPhoenixReborn_Coversmall

Birthday Bash Welcomes Melissa Keir

It’s my birthday week and I’m celebrating with fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors. Today my guest is Melissa Keir.

Melissa Keir Bio:

As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America, Mid-Michigan RWA, and EPIC. Melissa is always interested in improving her writing and believes in helping other authors. Author spotlights, book features and interviews are a few of the ways she showcases other authors on her blog.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, co-owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature “happy endings” and is often found plotting her next story.

author pic

Welcome! Melissa how do you enjoy celebrating those special personal events?

My favorite way to celebrate a happy personal event is to go away for a weekend with my hubby. I love spending time with him alone when I can get away. 🙂
Oh Yes, Melissa! Sounds like fun! I think my favorite thing to do is get away with that special someone.
What did you bring to share with us today?
The book I’d love to share is Protecting His Wolfe.
PHW_Coverfinal med

Protecting His Wolfe

Betsie Wolfe was a small town girl who left her cozy little life for a job in the big city. She never expected to become a witness to a murder or face vicious threats. Detective Jonah Pigg was immediately attracted to Betsie’s lavender eyes and small frame huddled in the gray wool blanket when he arrived on the scene of the murder. 

When threats on Betsie’s life surface, Jonah takes her into his home under the protection of the three Pigg’s who own the Pigg Agency. It will take all of his detective work to keep her safe. Passion has a way of igniting when people are in stressful situations and lust leads Betsie and Jonah into each other’s arms. But is their relationship only a matter of desire or is it something more?


Finally fed up with the tension, she left her desk, shut down the lights in the office, and locked the door. With her small clutch purse in one hand, she started the lonely walk to her apartment, six blocks over from the employee parking garage. Someday, I’ll have enough money for a car of my own. She thought with envy. Maybe something in a green color but with good gas mileage.

So focused on the noises around her, Betsie tripped over a patch of broken concrete and went sprawling on the floor, her purse hit the concrete and one lipstick tube rolled across the garage floor. Crawling on her hands and knees, Betsie yelled at herself in her head for her accident. Oh no. Isn’t that my luck! Everything has gone wrong today! Where is my purse? What fell out?

Suddenly a car appeared around the back of the garage and screeches to a halt. The sounds of yelling and gunfire erupted in the silence of the parking garage. Diving flat on the ground, Betsie begins to say all the prayers she remembered from the past twenty-three years of Catholic Mass. As a body crashed to the ground, the black sports car with the silver trim drove away.

Betsie hid on the ground near the edge of a large blue sedan, praying no one could hear her. The silence after such a deafening noise grated on Betsie’s nerves. Without thought for herself, she rushed over to the body to see if they needed help.

“Oh, my, gosh, it’s Johnny from the warehouse. Johnny, Johnny, are you okay?” She placed her hands on his chest to see if he was still breathing, only to pull away abruptly when she felt the wetness of his shirt.

Looking down at her hands, “Oh no. Blood! Johnny!” But his death was as evident as the large hole in the front of his shirt gushing blood on the pavement.

“I can’t be caught here.” Betsie realized with the dead body beside her that the garage wasn’t a safe place.

After a long argument with her conscience over what was right and what might happen, Betsie found her purse with the office keys inside and went back into the office to call the police.

Only $2.99- Short Novella

Buy Links:

All Romance Ebooks



This is what readers are saying about Melissa’s books:

Amazon 5 star review for Second Time’s the Charm- “Such a sweet and heart warming story. As I read it, and the details unfolded, I was engrossed to see if that I thought was going to happen, would really happen.” – Lacey Wolfe, Romance Author.

Barnes and Nobel 5 star review for Protecting His Wolfe– “Great read. I couldn’t put it down. I really liked the characters, especially Betsie and the Pigg brothers. A love story with suspense and surprise.” – Anonymous

Melissa loves hearing from readers!



http://www.facebook.com/AuthorMelissaKeir (fan page)



Birthday Bash week welcomes Joanne C Berroa

This week is my birthday and I am celebrating by having some of my fellow Rebel Ink Press authors come on over for the Birthday Bash party in honor of another spectacular year.

Today I welcome Joanne C. Berroa as my guest.

without IHOP

Joanne What is your favorite way to celebrate a happy personal event?

There must be tears. Always a happy cry or two, then lots of food. I like to celebrate by going out to a favorite restaurant and indulging on dessert afterward. Dessert is something I usually limit, so on special events I let go and order the most decadent chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream I can find! Death by chocolate, LOL. But aside from all else, I have to have my family with me. A special celebration wouldn’t be a celebration at all if my family didn’t share it. Let me finish by wishing you, Eden, a very happy birthday filled with family and friends and another year of good health and good fortune.

Thank you Joanne! I feel blessed at this juncture in my life. I hope for many more happy years with my partner and family, my human kids as well as furry ones. I’m getting used to being an emptynest mom with all the kids scattered around the world. And of course many more years writing sizzling hot stories that Rebel Ink Press presents to the world.

Learn more about Joanne and her most recent work.


I’ve been writing all my life. Back in 1983, Dell published my novel, “The Barbary Coasters.”  It was set during the 1860’s in the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and was part of a series of books written by different authors called, “The Making of America.” My pseudonym was Lee Davis Willoughby.

   I’ve written articles for several computer magazines over the last thirty years doing software and hardware reviews and ads.  I was also a photographer for cover art for two magazines back in the 80’s, and currently write profiles for businesses and professionals for Micromedia Publications, a local newspaper publisher.

   Rebel Ink Press has released four of my historical romances thus far: My Life, My Heart – a time travel–reincarnation novel, On Angels’ Wings – a love triangle novel set during the turbulent years of World War II, Love’s Sweet Vengeance – love and danger set in the old west in 1866, and The Diamond Cross (coming Nov. 17, 2013)– a sweeping romance saga taking place in the late 19th century in Hungary, New York and Saratoga Springs. Also in the works are two shorter “novellas” to be released in early 2014. All current novels are available in both eBook and print formats from Amazon.com.

   In my “spare” time I also teach piano and organ. 

LSV_Cover final

BLURB for Love’s Sweet Vengeance:

 When you pair a beautiful, smart, and independent lady sheriff in New Mexico Territory  with a virile bounty hunter, you get sizzling chemistry, even though they’re at odds with each other and their objectives. Garrett Wade and Amanda Larson form a truce to track down Clem Jones, a notorious outlaw who’s responsible for Garrett’s wife’s brutal murder. Amanda, a lawman first and foremost, wants to bring Jones in for a fair trial, while Garrett wants only revenge—his style. Their quest leads them into mortal danger while a powerful lust brings them together in ways neither bargained for. If only they can survive the treacherous Superstition Mountains and hostile Apaches while exacting justice on Clem Jones, they might have a chance to nurture their lust into an abiding love.

Purchase link:  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Joanne%20C.%20Berroa



My Web Site:  www.joannecberroa.wordpress.com

My BLOG: www.joannecberroa.blogspot.com


Birthday Bash Next Week

Next week I am celebrating my birthday. Well, I am celebrating several things actually. I moved this summer to a little town just outside of Asheville. The Lady Librarian bought a house there in May and we’ve been settling in all summer. Her birthday was in October and mine in in September so we are having a Birthday, Open House  HouseWarming et al. Bash. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Pics may follow. They may not. LOL


In honor of these events I’m hosting some of my Rebel Ink Press friends here on my blog next week to promote their latest work and give you a chance to get to know them better.

So stay tuned. It all starts happening on Sunday 9/22/2013.

If you are in the area and want to come visit for the open house on Saturday drop me a line and I’ll get you an invite.

Phoenix Reborn Release Day

Release Day is FINALLY here. Phoenix Reborn by Eden Glenn. Published by Rebel Ink Press. Cover by Carl Franklin

Teaser Book Trailer Here


All Romance E Books

Barnes and Noble

Take a look at one of my favorite stories. Phoenix Reborn.


Phoenix shifter Phyro Khant, and her dragon bodyguard, Tameron Murphy, are two loners bonded together for love and safety. But their never-ending need to evade the dark witches that hunt Phyro for her Phoenix tears, blood and more, have worn them down and flat lined their relationship.

When Tam purchases Phyro an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme, her efforts to imbue the stone with protective power backfires and grabs them with a spell previously coded into the stone. The magic ignites an inferno of passion the two lovers can’t seem to quench with any amount of sex.

Will their explosive passion be enough to teach them how accept the help they need from outsiders or will the witches win their final bid for power and take control of the phoenix magic?


Phoenix Reborn – Book Trailer Reveal

Phoenix Reborn will be available from all fine ebook vendors as of September 17, 2013. Published by Rebel Ink Press with another fine cover from graphic artist Carl Franklin. The book trailer teaser is available here.



Phoenix shifter, Phyro Khant, and her dragon bodyguard, Tameron Murphy, are two loners that bonded together for love and safety. But their never-ending need to evade the dark witches that hunt Phyro for her Phoenix tears, blood and more, has worn them down and flat lined their relationship.

When Tam purchases Phyro an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme, her efforts to imbue the stone with protective power backfires and grabs them with a spell previously coded into the stone. The magic ignites an inferno of passion the two lovers can’t seem to quench with any amount of sex.

Will their explosive passion be enough to teach them how to trust in time to accept the help they need from outsiders or will the witches win their final bid for power and control of the phoenix magic?