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Sinfully Delicious

How Do You Spell Stress?

We have been very busy here on the mountain. My 17 year old started the term at highschool on Wednesday. New school stress of epic proportions. My Step-Daughter was in finals for college summer term. She took quite a load for her first semester, pre-calculus was a booger. She continues with her freshman year in a couple weeks.

My Step-Son bought a scooter for economical transportation to and from work and college. He starts his senior year in a couple weeks. He had a bit of a fender bender seconds into his first ride. The incident was horrific to witness and scared the life outta me. Then I had to act all cool and take care of business.

My middle daughter is finishing up her summer of working in Florida for a camp program as staff member. She will go to NC and stay with my oldest daughter. Oldest Daughter is preggers with first child while her husband, a marine, is in the desert. Yes, between my partner and I we have five children: 23 F; 21 M; 21F; 17F; 17M and a son-in-law. One child married; three in college and one in his Jr year of Highschool.

I am basically between day jobs. I dropped out of grad school when I lost my job and moved. So, rather than finish grad school in a dead end profession. I am returning to junior college to do a quick degree to qualify me in computer systems administration. It is proving harder to get into this junior college than it was to get into grad school. I roll my eyes and wonder if there is intelligent life here at times.

My mother has gone through a bout of breast cancer. She is near us in a senior retirement apartment. She is not overly happy, not living with me anymore. However, it was a wonderful decision for my sanity and for the kids. Still I am her caregiver. I have to handle all her finances and pay her bills, get her to the doctors.

My partner and I just moved in with each other in May. I moved me, mom and one child up from Florida. Three of our kids are here. The fourth will join us in November.As I said, she will be helping her sister until my SIL returns home to my oldest and their baby (due in August). Everytime the phone rings I jump. She’s due in about 18 days. Several of my clan wern’t thrilled about the move. They are settling.

We are setting up our house, finding our routines, integrating the children, everyone’s temperment/personalities. She had just brought her 17 year old home in Feb from living with her father. That is a whole nuther story.

We have as ghost who likes to move things and hide them. She just does it for attention. Once we search and search for the item…like the TV remote. If I ask nice, she will usually slip it where we can find it. Yes, of course, it is always in a place several of us have already looked several times. Then poof, it is there.

So we have good days and bad. Everyone has baggage. Such is life. With love anything is possible. We have lots of love and a dedication to make this crazy kinda family work. No one ever said it would be easy. We both know it is worth it.

Today the two of us went and got manicures and pedicures. If you haven’t done that to pamper yourself, go right out and DO IT. It was WONDERFUL. *See the trill of singing notes* The guy massaged my calves and feet, my arms and hands, hot towels on my legs, hands in warming pads, massaging chair, whirlpool water to soak my feet. I felt like a puddle of relaxation when he was finished.

If I were a movie critic I would give it 3 sins of deliciousness…right after #1 screaming good sex, 2 all over erotic body massage, 3 Manicure / Pedicure treatment. Oh yes, yes, yes. Those are my top three of Sinfully Delicious! experiences.

Fantasy Man Monday

Summer is rolling into Autumn. I’m still feeling the heat

I want to sit back with a long drink of iced tea

Sweet Iced Tea

with lots and lots of sugar


Quirk 329

My partner bought us a vaccume sealer. You know the the machine that could create a minature black whole in the universe if there were not an off switch?

We added a dehydrator a week later but that is a whole ‘nuther’ story. The dehydrator recommended you have a vaccume sealer so….

It is an amazing little machine. Not that I am doing a 3a.m. info-mercial for the thing. No I don’t get a commission if you purchase one after reading this blog. Dang! Missed out.

My oldest daughter has one. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know about my oldest daughter and my SIL the Marine.(( ((pride))))

SIL Robert was going out for training maneuvers, prior to his second deployment to the desert. They are in the rainy south east U.S.A. How you train for desert deployment in that region? I will never know but, Marines i.e. infinite wisdom. (See the eyes roll?)

ahhem. Anyway. She vaccume sealed his clothing, a uniform per day. Then, individually sealed extra underwear, socks. You get the idea. He showed up packed light and tight in his dufflebag. As the mission progressed, he was the only man in dry clothes each day.

His commander wanted to know the scoop. God do I wish I could have been a fly on the tent wall when he replied, “My wife vaccume sealed my clothes, sir.”

I believe he got a promotion in the field. Now all marines are commanded to vaccume seal their clothes prior to missions. She wishes there were vaccume sealer multi-level marketing opportunities for a side income.

It is true there may have been a line of men at her house prior to the next deployment, all holding roles of plastic vacume sealer baggies waiting their turn with the magical machine.

So, this morning, I am thinking on all this, giggling, and vaccume sealing our grocery swag from Costco. My step-daughter comes in to observe my progress. She enlightens me with further uses of my new toy. Her suggestion was to vaccume seal ice. It keeps the food cold while camping and when it melts you have a container of clean drinking water. It is very possible the heavens opened up and a beam of angel light descended around her. Amazing. Brilliant!

OMG. We are so gonna be ready for the zombie apocalypse!

What are your hints for being prepared?

Cowboys and Aliens OH MY!

I know many of you have been cheated in recent weeks that I have not taken the time to publish my Fantasy Man Monday. I promise to do better.

My girlfriend and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens this past week. It was amazing. I love Harrison Ford in anything and he had a wonderful role in this movie.

And what is it about Daniel Craig? He really isn’t that leading man hottie handsome to me on first glance. I didn’t even like him as James Bond.

I LOVED him in this movie. Just the perfect mix of bad boy, tortured hero.

The heroine was the perfect crusader character type to match his bad boy.

I can’t wait to see what Smart Girls love SciFi has to say about the movie.

Have you seen this movie yet? What did you think?

Cinco De Mayo and Eden’s Coming Out Party

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today 5/5/11 my interview will publish on Sex Marks The G Spot as an up and coming– but as yet unpublished– author. It should be a lot of fun. I would love to have you guys come by and comment. There is an interview where you might learn some interesting things about me. Then an excerpt of the first scene of Dragon’s Mark, where you will meet my twin hero characters, Caleb and Ethan. This is the WIP that finaled in the Winter Rose and in the Beacon unpublished in 2009.

On Friday at the same location there is a character interview with my three principal characters from the same work. And yes, let me clarify this is an erotic, paranormal, romance. Once a judge was quite confused that there seemed to be two hero’s in the story and was very interested to know which of the two the heroine would pick. Hello, (knock knock knock) Can you say Menage’ lol.

My mother used to to tell me that “You can’t have your cake and eat it to.” Which I thought was ridiculous. Why would you want to have cake if you couldn’t eat it? My writing enterprises on the theme that there is no point in having cake if you can’t eat it. lol.

So come have come cake and please enjoy eating it.

My Dragonshifters are yummy and well worth the visit.

Wicked Lies or True Confessions

Okay kiddies. Time to tell me if you think these are wicked lies or true confessions.

I miss my ex-husband, but my aim is improving.

I had to take my ex-husband off my life insurance. I am a smart woman it was only a matter of time until I figured out how to kill him without getting caught.

I don’t make mistakes, I have design revisions.

I am an outcome engineer. I’m sorry you see that as manipulative. If you would just cooperate we will both be much happier, much faster.

I am not snarkey, witchy or nasty. I just happen to always be right and don’t mind instructing you on ways you have failed to emulate my success model.

My mantra is “Unsolicited advise is seldom appreciated.” But hey, people seldom appreciate the truth. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t hear it.

Which of these do I believe and which are wicked lies against my personality. lol… Can’t wait to see what you think.

And for the advanced points….Are these philosophies of one of my characters? if so, who?

Fantasy Man Monday

Monday, Monday. A writer friend commented that men of sports were suspiciously absent my fantasy man renderings.

So in honor of the NHL Stanley cup playoffs. That’s Hockey don’t ya know!

I give you Henry Lundquist. Or Henrik Lundqvist. Depending on how you google him.

I think under the right circumstances, I might become interested in Hockey!

Fantasy Man Monday

*laughing and singing* Here comes Peter Cotton Tail. Hopping down the …. Well, you get the idea.

Monday after Easter Sunday begs me explore interesting Peters in the world. *snicker*

The first Peter that came to mind was….. Aww No, don’t even go there. However, he is ageless and at least 300 years old. Does that entitle him to buy beer?

Peter Pan

Moving on! The next peter I found was

Peter Parker? Yikes. You know even with the upside down kiss scene… I didn’t find this one particularly sexy. What do you think?

I must dig deeper for a more interesting Peter.

LOL – Come on work with me…. I wait all year to make Peter puns about Peter’s Peter. Peters everywhere cringe at this time of year, don’t they?

Aww here is one. My favorite Peter….

Peter Jackson. Director of the *sigh* Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The person with the brilliance to make the menage of directing work for filming/editing/producing three epic movies at the same time. The intelligence to see how to masterfully edit Tolkien’s original work. *sigh* okay. Love Peter Jackson. Now, Love fest over. He is as cute as a hobbit though isn’t he?

I must have more Peters! Ah here is an interesting one. Peter Facinelli of the Twilight Saga Fame. He has the pretty boy look doesn’t he? He is leading man sexy enough to be on camera!

Oh, and how is this one for an obscure Peter?

Peter Sims author, speaker, entrepeur. Isn’t he a hottie? Love that smile and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Okay I’ve shared my Peter(s) with you. Do you have a Peter to share with me? Who’s your favorite Peter? Buhahaha. Don’t you dare say Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater!

*Laughing & Singing* Hippity Hoppety Easter’s gone away.

Fantasy Man Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

I am in the middle of a move across country. It will be another thirty days before I am finished relocating to the mountains. However I have contemplated our fantasy man this week. He should have peeked out on Monday but he was busy. lol. So he is our fantasy man for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

Jason Momoa is our fantasy man today and every day. He was in “Stargate Atlantis”, is the new Conan in the Remake of “Conan the Barbarian” and a really hot tough guy on the the new HBO series “Game of Thones”.

Check him out!

Fantasy Man Monday

I contemplated Fantasy Man Monday for a long time this week. As a 50’s something single author. Okay well, I am in a seriously committed relationship at this time. However, in many years of singledom. I always whined, men only want the 20 something bimbo. Why Why not me? I have a lot to offer. I would make some nice man a wonderful fantasy….come to life… so to speak… I mean really, I AM an erotic writer…. *think think think* I could have kept a smile on his face. Why is man’s fantasy woman so perfect, so unobtainable. Then I realized I am doing the same thing!!! I have not given equal screen time to the real men out there looking sometimes hopelessly to be some deserving woman’s fantasy man.

I am guilty!

This is an error I must rectify. There are plenty of hard working men out there ready, willing and able to be our fantasy

Need I say hard working again?

A Man who is a men among men, one brave enough to embrace his feminine side in understanding for his woman without fear of ridicule.

(shudder, maybe that was too far)

Well, certainly a man who is ready to be playful and open to a woman’s needs

Yes, I see we have overlooked any number of wonderful fantasy candidates in our quest for raw naked hard hot Man flesh. I will do my best to occasionally give you examples of the BEST “REAL” men have to offer.