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Lessons Learned in Direct Publication: End Matter

We’ve been discussing formatting a manuscript for direct publication to print. I’ve spent time going over Front Matter, Formatting the Body of the text, Scene Breaks, Headers/Footers, and the value of Advanced Reader’s Copy. Today we discuss End Matter.

I did a review of books out there for sale in stores and with book vendors. There were some things in common with those books. The end of the book contained several components referred to as End Matter.

There were usually a couple of pages dedicated to a preview of books the author will have out for sale, their to be released information. This is often followed by a page that expands a bit on other books the author has for sale. Usually a title and a short blurb. Sometimes art work from the cover. I used both of these in my forthcoming manuscript.

Then often there will be a short excerpt from that forthcoming to be released title. I didn’t do that because I wasn’t ready to release that excerpt. It may be a marketing opportunity missed.

There is a great video that I gleaned some of this information from. I learned a few tricks beyond what the video had to offer but it is still a great listen to pick up the specific how too’s for some of the things I’ve discussed in these articles.

Next I will be talking about how all this print format stuff relates to the Kindle e-book publication.